China factory High Quality Factory OEM Plastic Rim Wheel

Product Description

High Quality Factory OEM Plastic Rim Wheel

Product Description

Product Name: High Quality Factory OEM Plastic Rim Wheel

Product Name High Quality Factory OEM Plastic Rim Wheel
Material Available ABS, PP, ,PA, ,PC,,Acrylic etc
Making Process Plastic Injection, CNC Machining
Surface Treatment Per customers’ request
Application auto parts, home applications, medical products, household commodities, consumer electronics, mobile phone parts and accessories and so on
Company Adavantages 1. Professional die casting manufacturer and rich experience in plastic injection parts
2. ISO9001: 2015 Certificated
3. In-house tooling design and manufacturing
4. OEM/ODM orders are welcome, for any stamping parts
5. Advanced equipment, excellent R& D teams and strict quality control system
6. Software for specification drawings: Pro/E, Auto CAD, CHINAMFG work 2001, CAXA, UG, CAD, CAM


Plastic Injection Solution:

I  Precision Injection Molding: From design consultancy & prototype tooling to high-volume world-class production

I  Parts are widely used: Industrial, Automotive, Electronics & Medical

Technical Skills – Development, Design Skills

l  Design Consultation & Assistance

l  Pro/E, CAD/CAM/CAE including CHINAMFG Works(TM) and mold flow analysis

l  Material Selection Assistance

l  Quick turn-around prototype support

l  Secondary Operations including machining, welding & assembly

Molding – High Precision, High Concern

l  Plastic Decorating: In-Mold Decorating (in-mold labeling), pad printing & hot stamping

l  40 Molding machines from 80TONS to 1400TONS

l  High precision molding from medical to fiber optics components

Secondary Operations – Value Added Service

l  Pad Printing

l  Sonic Welding

l  Assembly & Packaging

Company Information

Stick Industry is a leading manufacturer of plastic injection molding parts for over 15 years. It is located in HangZhou, China and established in 2004. Covering an area of 8,000 square meters, our factory consists of 8 overseas sales representatives, 10 professional technicians and 160 workers standby. 

What we do?

Plastic Injection Molding parts and Moulds Fabrication

Where we export?

North America , Australia,Russia, Germany, Italy, France,Spain, Switzerland,Brazil, Mexico, Japan and etc

Year Established:


No. of Employees


No. of R&D Staff:


No. of Engineers


No. of QC Staff:


Factory Size:

8000 Square Meters





Injection Molding Capability

1. Material: PA, PA6, PA+FG, ABS, FR ABS, POM, PC, PS, PP, PVC, TPR, TPU, TPE, HDPE, PMMA etc.

2. Mold Cavity: Single or Multi-cavity

3. Mold Base: LKM or Equivalent Standard mold base

4. Core Steel: NAK80 prehardened steel, 718, 718H, P20, S136 etc.

5. Injection Machine Size: 40sets range from 80TONS to 1400TONS

6. Max Mold Size: 1500mm x 1300mm

7. Product Unit Weight: From 0.1gram to 10,000grams

8. Tooling Lead-time: 3-7 weeks

9. Production Lead-time: 2-4 weeks

10. Mold Life: 50,000shots to 500,000shots

11. Surface Treatment: Chrome Plating, Silk-Printing, Laser Etching, Texture, Color Painting, etc.

Equipment Qty Origin
Injection Machine 40 sets ZheJiang /China
CNC Machine Center 5 sets Tainwan/China
EDM 6 sets China
EDM Mirror 1 sets Japan
Wire Cutting 5 sets ZheJiang
Grinding Machine 3 sets China
Milling Machine 10 sets China
Drilling Machine 15 sets China


Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details: PP bag , carton box , pallet or as customer request for products. 

Our Services

Our one-stop service is well applied to Plastic parts, Rubber parts, and moulds. Our products range contains auto parts, home applications, medical products, household commodities, consumer electronics, mobile phone parts and accessories and so on. We are committed in offering every masterpieces with great enthusiasm to our customers. 





1. Are we a manufacturer or foreign trade company?
We are an experienced manufacturer, and have our own facotry and warehouse. 

2. What do we need if you want a quote?

Please kindly send us your 2D and 3D drawing of your product. the details we need as below:

1.Materials 2.Surface Finish 3.Estimated Quantity

It is very important for us to provide a quote.

3. How does the payment process work?

Our preferential payment term is T/T          

For mould: 50% downpayment, 50% balance after the sample approval                                                                  

For Production: 50% downpayment, 50% against B/L copy

4. How do I know about the production?

We will double confirm your requirements and send you the sample before the mass production. During the mass production, we will keep you informed of any progress. Besides, we will do 100% quality inspection before shipment.

5. How do we know about the delivery status?

We will immediately inform you the tracking number once we get it from shipping agent. Besides, we will update the latest shipping information to you.

6. What is our Mission?

Our mission is to enlarge our sales network and reach to all customers by manufacturing the high-end products with guaranteed quality and unparalleled price, maintaining same levels of quality and professionalism while providing the customers the latest products at any time.


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Shaping Mode: Injection Mould
Surface Finish Process: Polishing
Mould Cavity: Single Cavity
Plastic Material: ABS
Process Combination Type: Single-Process Mode
Application: Car, Household Appliances, Furniture, Commodity, Electronic, Home Use, Hardware


plastic wheel

Can you provide examples of products or machinery that commonly use plastic wheels?

Plastic wheels are used in a wide range of products and machinery across various industries due to their versatility and unique qualities. Here are examples of products and machinery that commonly use plastic wheels:

  • 1. Office Furniture: Office chairs often feature plastic caster wheels for smooth and quiet movement on office floors.
  • 2. Material Handling Equipment: Hand trucks, dollies, and carts used in warehouses and distribution centers frequently use plastic wheels to transport goods efficiently.
  • 3. Lawn and Garden Equipment: Lawnmowers, garden carts, and wheelbarrows are equipped with plastic wheels for easy maneuverability on lawns and uneven terrain.
  • 4. Retail and Shopping Carts: Shopping carts in supermarkets and retail stores typically have plastic wheels for easy navigation through aisles.
  • 5. Medical Equipment: Hospital beds, medical carts, and mobility aids often incorporate plastic wheels, as they are easy to clean and resist corrosion.
  • 6. Aerospace Ground Support: Ground support equipment at airports, including baggage carts and maintenance vehicles, may use plastic wheels for their lightweight properties.
  • 7. Food and Beverage Handling: Food service equipment, such as serving trolleys and food processing machinery, often feature plastic wheels due to their resistance to moisture and corrosion.
  • 8. Recreational Vehicles (RVs): RV leveling jacks and stabilizers utilize plastic wheels to provide stability and ease of adjustment when parked.
  • 9. DIY and Home Improvement Tools: Hand trucks, utility carts, and toolboxes used for DIY and home improvement projects may have plastic wheels for ease of movement.
  • 10. Industrial Machinery: Some industrial machines and equipment incorporate plastic wheels to facilitate movement and protect factory floors.
  • 11. Conveyor Systems: Conveyor systems in manufacturing and logistics often use plastic wheels to support the movement of goods along production lines.
  • 12. Skateboards and Skateboarding Equipment: Skateboard wheels are typically made of plastic, offering various sizes and hardness levels to suit different riding styles.
  • 13. Boat Trailer Rollers: Rollers on boat trailers are commonly made of plastic, as they resist corrosion when exposed to water and provide smooth boat launching and retrieval.
  • 14. Gate Hardware: Some gate wheels and sliding door systems feature plastic wheels for smooth operation and reduced noise.

These examples demonstrate the widespread use of plastic wheels in diverse applications, emphasizing their adaptability and suitability for various industries and products.

plastic wheel

Are there innovations or advancements in plastic wheel technology that have emerged recently?

Yes, there have been several recent innovations and advancements in plastic wheel technology, driven by the need for improved performance, sustainability, and versatility in various applications. Some notable innovations include:

  • 1. Sustainable Materials: Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on using recycled and sustainable plastics to make wheels. These eco-friendly materials reduce environmental impact and align with sustainability goals.
  • 2. Reinforced Composites: Advancements in composite materials have led to the development of reinforced plastic wheels with enhanced strength and load-bearing capacity. These wheels can compete with metal alternatives in heavy-duty applications.
  • 3. Noise Reduction Design: Innovative tread patterns and materials are designed to further reduce noise and vibration in plastic wheels. This is crucial for applications where noise reduction is a priority, such as in office furniture and healthcare equipment.
  • 4. Hybrid Wheels: Some recent designs incorporate a combination of plastic and rubber or other materials to optimize performance. These hybrid wheels offer benefits like improved traction, shock absorption, and load capacity.
  • 5. Smart Wheels: Emerging technologies are enabling the development of smart wheels equipped with sensors and data-tracking capabilities. These wheels can provide real-time information about load weight, temperature, and wear, enhancing equipment monitoring and maintenance.
  • 6. Antimicrobial Properties: In response to increased awareness of hygiene and sanitation, some plastic wheels are now designed with antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs. This is especially relevant in medical and food service equipment.
  • 7. 3D Printing: 3D printing technology allows for the rapid prototyping and customization of plastic wheels. Manufacturers can quickly create intricate designs and tailor wheels to specific customer needs.
  • 8. Improved Bearing Systems: Advances in bearing technology have led to the development of high-performance, low-friction bearings for plastic wheels, resulting in smoother and more efficient operation.
  • 9. Increased Load Capacity: Through innovative engineering and materials, plastic wheels are now capable of handling heavier loads than ever before, expanding their applications in industries like logistics and manufacturing.
  • 10. Enhanced Durability: Recent developments have focused on improving the durability of plastic wheels, increasing their resistance to wear, impact, and environmental factors.

These innovations are driving the adoption of plastic wheels in a broader range of applications and industries, making them a competitive choice alongside traditional wheel materials like metal or rubber.

plastic wheel

Can you explain the primary functions and applications of plastic wheels in various industries?

Plastic wheels serve essential functions in various industries due to their unique properties and versatility. Here are the primary functions and applications of plastic wheels in different industries:

  • 1. Material Handling: Plastic wheels are widely used in material handling equipment, including carts, dollies, and conveyor systems. They provide smooth and noiseless movement, making them suitable for transporting goods in warehouses, factories, and distribution centers.
  • 2. Office Furniture: Plastic wheels are commonly found on office chairs and furniture. They allow for easy mobility, quiet operation, and floor protection. These wheels are often made from soft materials like polyurethane to prevent damage to flooring.
  • 3. Automotive: In the automotive industry, plastic wheels are used for various applications, including caster wheels on tool carts, wheels for automotive jacks, and even lightweight spare tire wheels. They offer a balance of durability, weight savings, and cost-effectiveness.
  • 4. Retail and Shopping Carts: Plastic wheels are a staple in retail and shopping cart applications. They provide smooth and silent movement for shoppers while navigating stores. The lightweight nature of plastic wheels reduces cart weight, making them easier to push.
  • 5. Medical Equipment: Plastic wheels are used in medical equipment, such as hospital carts and medical devices. Their non-corrosive properties, lightweight design, and ease of cleaning make them suitable for healthcare settings.
  • 6. Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, plastic wheels are used in ground support equipment, maintenance carts, and aircraft cabin service carts. Their lightweight construction is advantageous for handling equipment around aircraft.
  • 7. Food and Beverage: Plastic wheels are found in food service equipment, including food carts, serving trolleys, and food processing machinery. They are resistant to moisture and corrosion, which is critical in food handling environments.
  • 8. Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Trailers: Plastic wheels are used in RV leveling jacks and trailer jacks. They provide stability and easy adjustment for leveling RVs and trailers when parked.
  • 9. DIY and Home Improvement: Plastic wheels are used in DIY projects and home improvement applications. They can be found on hand trucks, utility carts, and DIY furniture, offering ease of movement and floor protection.
  • 10. Marine and Boating: Plastic wheels are used on boat trailers and marine equipment. They resist corrosion from saltwater exposure and offer buoyancy, making them ideal for marine applications.
  • 11. Agriculture: In agriculture, plastic wheels are used on farm equipment, including wheelbarrows and agricultural carts. They provide durability and easy maneuverability in outdoor and rugged environments.

Plastic wheels are valued for their lightweight, corrosion resistance, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability across a wide range of industries. They play a vital role in improving mobility, efficiency, and performance in various applications.

China factory High Quality Factory OEM Plastic Rim Wheel  China factory High Quality Factory OEM Plastic Rim Wheel
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